We Celebrated 9/11

On September 11th 2001, a group of foreigners who worked for a front company in new Jersey were witnessed celebrating the attacks on the Word trade Centers. They flicked lighters, posed for pictures, gave each other hugs and high fives. No they were not Muslim terrorist or Arabs. They were Jewish and they were all Israeli. They worked for a moving company which turned out to be one of a series of Israeli moving companies with ties to the September 11th attacks. The 5 men arrested on 9/11 while still driving the moving company van seen with them as at least three of them were jumping around celebrating the first plane hitting the North Tower, have come to be known as “the dancing Israelis.” One of the first journalist to real push this story was Justin Raimondo of antiwar.com who passed away in June of 2019. He wrote a book about the event.

“A memorandum sent to the 9/11 Commission, and Senate and House intelligence committees in September 2004, suggests that young Israelis who canvassed dozens of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) offices in 2000 and 2001 trying to sell paintings to federal workers, may have been spying not only on the DEA, but also on Arab extremists in the United States – including the Sept. 11 hijackers who were living in Florida and New Jersey.”

The title is quite clear ” Israeli Surveillance of the Future Hijackers and FBI Suspects in the September 11 Attacks and Their Failure to Give Us Adequate Warning: The Need for a Public Inquiry”

The conclusion of Gerald Shea, the lawyer behind the memorandum, is the same as my own and Raimondo, who wrote: “The Israelis were engaged in spying on U.S. soil in the months leading up to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, that these agents were concentrated in the two areas where the 9/11 hijackers lived and planned their atrocities – Hollywood, Fla., and two counties in New Jersey, Bergen and Hudson – and that they did not share all they knew about preparations for the attack with U.S. authorities.” That means they had foreknowledge of the attacks at minimal, and apparently some of them couldn’t keep it together and were caught rejoicing as hundreds of Americans died instantly when flight 11 crashed into the North Tower, thousands more would follow.

In some circles it has been well known since September 11th 2001 that a group of Israeli Jews were witnessed celebrating the attacks on the WTC buildings, on 9/11. Two of them were already listed on the Counter Intelligence Database. Their story unravels a covert operation where Al Qaeda was receiving financial and logistical support from foreign state intelligence agencies. Recently some of the pictures they took on the day where they were witnesses, hugging each other, giving high fives, and flicking lighters like they were at a rock concert, have been released by the FBI albeit heavily redacted.

Not only had they been witnessed parked and celebrating just after the first plane stuck the North Tower of the WTC, other witnesses had seen them there and their van as early as 8AM which is 46 minuted before the first plane hit.

8:00 is 46 minutes BEFORE the first plane, thus porving Israeli foreknowledge.
The CIA was sent video footage of TWO white vans both of which arrived one after the other at 8:29-8:31. This maybe in reference to other UMS trucks seen in Liberty State Park also just across the river form the WTC
This witness saw the white van as well as a brown van behind it and the three men, less than 5minutes after the first plane hit. The Israelis were already there parked and celebrating.

It has been painstaking to get this information out because of the wave of asinine kook ‘theories’ about 9/11 that were quickly disseminated by loud mouth radio hosts like Alex Jones, who specialize in selling fear-porn paranoia with a political theme. The story about the Israelis was buried under mountains of disinformation about 9/11 which seemed to talk about anything other than who did it. Hijackers were dismissed. In some cases even the planes were dismissed. The public was put on a path to no where, like a dog chasing its tail, by films like Loose Change and a hundred copycat films. Mini-nukes, Direct Energy Weapons, thermite paint, Missiles, pods, even holograms were thrown in the faces of the public. It was done dogmatically and loudly until the 911 truth movement was tarnished so badly that well meaning people just threw their hands in the air and gave up.

Give us 20 Years and we’ll take over your media and destroy your country.

The 911 Truth Movement got that name from a Myspace Group created in 2005. Myself and a member named Tyler were the creators, however within days of doing that, my Myspace and my AOL account used to login to Myspace were both erased. It didn’t take long for that group to be overtaken by Jonestown, AKA Alex Jones and his followers. Crazy seems to sell. Like an Evangelical constantly recycling “The End is Near” prophecies, there is no shortage of bug eyed people ready to get addicted to the excitement. 911 Truth then broke up into “camps” with each holding on to its version of dogma almost exclusively about the ‘physics’ of the the WTC collapses, the idea that flight 93 was blown out of the sky and that a missile or a global hawk or anything other than flight 77 is what really hit the pentagon. Another camp also formed re-directing any talk about the Israelis over into the ridiculous field of blaming “The Jews” in general. Embarrassingly, a group naming itself AE911 which stood for Architects and Engineers for 911 truth, arose with a sense of authority, yet it simply gave weight to the disinformation created by the first viral 911 film, Loose Change. After all, AE911 had gotten people in those professions to sign on to agree with their hypothesis, which they kept calling a theory. How could one argue with an impressive list of engineers and architects? The huge problem with that appeal to authority is that it really doesn’t matter how many engineers you can get to sign on to something if you lie to them or present them ignorantly with the wrong information. For example it does not take an engineer to understand that a plane doesn’t fit inside of a 16 foot hole. However the 16 foot entry hole into the pentagon that AE911’s Richard Gage lifted from the film Loose Change, is false information. Gage will deny that he got this idea from the film, however he used slides from that film in his earliest presentations. Loose Change cleverly showed pictures that would only show the hole created in the 2nd floor and somehow always avoided showing the bottom floor where there was a 90 foot hole. More on that and other dubious pentagon attack claims here. Over time as claims about the pentagon having no debris, no black box, a tiny hole, etc got debunked, AE911 and Alex Jones simply refused to debate the pentagon even though they had already stated and would continue to give their opinion on it. Gage said on National Geographic that a missile had been used. A scientific test was done right in front of him proving otherwise and he refused to accept the data. Accompanying him in that were Dylan Avery of Loose Change and David Ray Griffin another leader in the 911 kook movement.

The new tactic was to preach about the pentagon, but as soon as one was challenged on it, move the discussion over to Building 7 in NYC. An on and on it went. People memorized catch phrases which you can still here today such as, “No steel buildings ever fell from fire,” “Jet fuel can’t melt steel,” “there is an orange liquid it must be thermite,” “It fell into its own footprint at free fall speeds” and then all of these claims use two things to bolster them. 1 accuse any doubter of being a shill and falling for the ‘official story,’ 2 appeal to authority saying x number of professionals from AE911 agree with them. This of course ignores ALL the other architects and engineers and other professionals who disagree with them. And how so many of these signatures are basing their conclusions on a false premise.

AE911 was so ignorant that they did not take the time to figure out what the architecture of the pentagon even was. Over and over again they insisted that a plane could not smash through all the rings of the pentagon, often they would thrown in the terms reinforced walls which is more disinformation form Loose Change. The rings of the Pentagon are only on the upper floors. They do not extend to the bottom two floors which is where the plane hit. So all the talk about the walls is irreverent since they don’t exist. Again more on that here. Not a single person, out of allegedly thousands, took the 4 minutes of research it would take to figure that out. Finally with the photos of the men nicknamed ‘the dancing Israelis’ being released due to a FOIA request, we have at least online media taking interest. Mint Press, AFP, and others have been writing up some articles. They’re only about 18 years late. It seems as if these writers, with the best intentions, just discovered the 1,800 pages worth of FBI documents on these Israelis in May 2019 after the pictures were released. But others, Justin Raimondo, Mike Rivero, and myself have been trying to get people to listen to this information since 2001.

Their story as well the events before and after 911, for those interested in 911 Truth for grown ups, is all being written in my next book.

I have already explained it in video format, interviews, and articles scattered about. However YouTube and Vimeo have censored my work. But by popular demand I will be publishing a book about 911 that has nothing to do with physics or the trite 911 motif saturating YouTube and the conspiracy world. Below are a few of the pictures of ‘the dancing Israelis’ and my analysis.

There are still 66 more missing pictures.

Yaron Shmuel is middle left in the overalls, it is mentioned in the police report. He got married on 911 the following year. Based on mug shots, the man with ripped jeans in Paul Kurzberg, the far left is his brother Sivan and the far right in Oded Ellner. Not pictured is Omer Marmari. He may have taken the picture.


Police Report

Witnesses had seen him the dark haired man taking pictures of the other three each of whom had been on the roof on the van and had taken pictures flicking a lighter. The NYT was shown a picture of Sivan flicking a lighter. There are still 66 more pictures. You can see that they were kneeling and smoking cigarettes. This is fitting with the crime scene evidence of a number of cigarette buds as well multiple witnesses placing them there as early as 8am. They were waiting. The WTC is South East of where they are standing. You can tell by the shadow combined with all the photos showing the North Tower smoke blowing SE that this was early morning and most likely before the Tower was hit. Now these photos are from two different locations. One in the Roof of Urban Moving Systems. One is on top of the van parked at Doric towers.

Notice the chain fence in the background and that they are sitting on top of a van.

Same fence from when I visited there.